The first step to a better swing

A one-on-one focused and comprehensive approach to meeting the students’ goals and understanding the golf swing. Lessons are 45 minutes in length and include personalized video analysis.


Lessons Include:

  • 45 minutes of instruction

  • A private spot on the range

  • Free range balls

  • Video swing analysis

  • Step-by-step instruction

  • A plan to improve your game

Lesson Rates

Single: $65
Five: $325
Ten: $600 (Best Value)


Great teacher.

“Helped me correct my takeway on backswing which I have been struggling with. Has a great eye to see what needs to be corrected in the swing and most of all his knowledge about the swing with drills to get back on the plan is awesome. Can’t wait for my driver lesson”

— Satyajeet C.

This is the guy you want to take lessons from.

“No pressure. Good drills. Good eye. He notices things and corrects them and you walk away feeling more confident about your swing.”

— Robert M.

My first two lessons with Mark went perfectly.

“I learned so much and am now more confident in my new swing. I’m looking forward to my next lesson because I know Mark will bless me further.”

— John T..

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