How to Keep Your "Mind Under Par"

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a book with you that I think may help your golf game - it has definitely helped mine.

In 1996 I was trying for the 6th time to obtain my PGA card. As some of you may know, the requirements can be difficult to achieve. You must play 36 holes at 7 over the course rating on a tour eligible course. Unfortunately, I was missing the cut in all of the qualifying events and I needed some help.

Looking back on my qualifying rounds what stood out the most to me in the years and attempts prior to 1996 was the difficulty I faced when stringing together a few bad shots. I just could not get out of my own head.

Fortunately, a friend of mine, recommended David F. Wright’s Ph.D., PGA book Mind Under Par. I had nothing to lose and only knowledge to gain, so I purchased it. Looking back on this moment I can say that it was one of the best golf decisions I have ever made.

I ended up meeting Dr. Wright Dr.Wright at Coto de Caza in the late 90’s. With his tutelage we worked on the following elements that took me to that next level.

  • How to implement and maintain a Routine

  • How to fine tune your nervous system

  • Concentration- Keeping your head in play

  • Confidence-Building mental toughness from the ground up

  • Visualization- Pictures = performance

  • Learn how to talk to yourself on the golf course

I hope that either through this post or the book you can learn something new.

Enjoy the process!

Mark Boselo